– Workshops from 8 to 16 May, and 12Out to 2Nov about “Rhythm, Movement & Sound Objects” ( for the Physical Theater Curse at Evoé School, Lisbon, PT.


– Music for meditatation and Dance Art Therapy with Pedro Paz at Reconnect Dance & Oficinas de Corpo Inteiro

 Photos by Luis Fernandes
Video from Oficinas de Corpo Inteiro

– Video Dance Workshop( at the Confucius Institute, Lisbon, PT.

 – SOCIAL WORKER & MUSIC MONITOR at Salisbury Autism Care,  London.


– Music for the  Storytelling Project of Margarida Botelho “POKA POKANI”


Photo from the session at CCB (Cultural Center of Belém) Lisbon.



Music Workshops on the platform, TEIAS – Cultural network for the development of arts in the Alentejo Region, Portugal;
Photo gallery from the workshop, “the colour of sounds”;
Photo gallery from the workshop: “Nha Terra, around the world through rhythm”:
(Note: if you want to request and develop any workshop, on your school, association or institution, contact me thought this mail:
2007/13 - Music Teacher at Public Schools
Music Classes for childrens at the Music Conservatory Eborae, Évora, Portugal / at the Public Schools from Estremoz / for the Know How Soc. and Edutec (Education & Technology) in Lisbon.
 2009/10 - Conductor of the Portuguese Traditional Drum Orchestra - Gigabombos
Conducting the traditional drum orchestra Gigabombos at the Cultural Association dOiimaginário – Évora / Portugal.
2002/07 - Art Therapy in Hospitals, Public institutions and Private clinic 
Development of Art Therapy  groups thought music on private clinical settings for children`s and teenagers, for the Psychological Social Program of the SPAT (Portuguese Art-Therapy Society), for the youth at the child psychiatry department of the Hospital Nossa Senhora do Rosário do Barreiro in Portugal and for the youth warehouse Navarro Paiva College.
2004/07 - Art Therapy on the Community
Development of art therapy activities for children and youth people for the school social project`s; “Life Arts” Public School 2, 3 from Galiza – S.João do Estoril, Portugal, “Be a Child” developed by the Vila Franca de Xira Town Council and I think therefore I am” from the District Council, Olaias, Lisbon, Portugal.

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