Documentary Essay about Music “Let Sounds Be Themselves”

“Sounds carry intelligence. If you are too narrow in your awareness of sounds, you are likely to be disconnected from your environment. Ears do not listen to sounds; the brain does. Listening is a lifetime practice that depends on accumulated experiences with sound; it can be focused to detail or open to the entire field of sound.”

Octogenarian composer and sound art pioneer Pauline Oliveros
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“IN THE MOMENT – the roots of the improvised music” 
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Direction: Luis Fernandes / Production: Hora Mágica

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48hz Sound Interferences

48hz Sound Interference it´s an essay about the art of sound experimentation through the point of view of influential musicians, composers and sound artists in this musical reality today. An experimental look about an attitude and a way of understanding music as an essential area for creativity.

Director: Luis Fernandes

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Cartel 48hz Interferencias sonoras

Tala: the rhythm of gods

The film is basically a result of a trip that was made by two portuguese musician in India in the year of 2011.The aim was to explore the vision of the Indian musicians about their music and how it is connected with their history and cultural values, more precisely in relation with the religious HIndu philosophy in some of the holy places of worship in India, like Pushkar and Varanasi.

After many conversations and moments that we pass with then, we realize that in India, playing an instrument and be a master of it, is to love and be a servant of his love, is to have fidelity to their belives and cast position and feel safe within it. In the words of the master musician Nathu Solinkey, ”we belong to the cast of Nagara” ”Nagrashi” (the caste to which he belongs), “They are my love”.

In Hindu classical music, Tala means rhythm, and it represents a cycle, a sentence that can be divided and organized (normally in India they write syllables to create rhythms). But specially, it means the time itself, the life time that emerges in our subjectiveness through the existence.

This journey doesn´t have a narrator who guide us into the all story, but in return it gives you the freedom to choose where do you want to look and take part of the film experience without expectations.

Director: Luis Fernandes

Tocar de Ouvido | Play by EAR

Documentary film created for the Play by Ear festival organized by the cultural association Pé-de-Xumbo from Portugal.

Direction, Image and Editing Luis Fernandes / Assistant Director Pedro Almeida

Original language: Portuguese 2010 / Full Film (without translation):

Each Village, Each Bagpiper

Each village, Each Bagpiper it´s an Independent Film about an old Bagpiper of the highland of Miranda do Douro / Portugal and explore an entire cultural imaginary around a music tradition. It was born from a Ethnomusicological curiosity from the part of the Director and it as became a desire to give voice to a nearly forgotten Culture on the 70/80.

Director: Luis Fernandes Production, Assistant Director and Graphic Design: Bárbara Hora Photography & Film Editiing: Luis Fernandes Post-Production Áudio: Nuno Garcia, Jorge Simões da Hora Film: DVD Poster: DVD PAL ZONA 2 FORMAT: 1.66.1 ECRÂ | Screen: 16:9 COR /colour TIME: 65′ REG.Nº 4862 / 07 ORIGINAL LANGUAGE: PORTUGUÊS 2008| 2010
Exhibitions and Festivals: 
– Casa da Música Mirandesa, Miranda do Douro, 2014.
– FEST-i-GAITA Festival . Lisbon, May / 2011.
– Exhibition on the Cultural Center of Redondo. Redondo, Portugal, 2011. 
– International Festival of Traditional Dances “Andanças, 2010” S. Pedro do Sul, Viseu | Portugal
– Docmúsica; exhibition of documentaries about music on the Cultural Association doImaginário. Évora, 2010 | Portugal
– (12ª) “Images about music” documentary exhibition on the Phonothèque of Lisbon, 2009.
– 1º Aniversary of the event Bagpiper Meetings, in the House of Sertã, Lisboa, Portugal. 
– Cinesul Film festival, 2009. Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.